Total Innovation Management (TIM) eWorkshop Training Package

Dear Managing and Human Resources Directors,

I am very proud to introduce my revolutionary 2023 personalized, computer-based Total Innovation ManagementTM (TIM) eWorkshop, the workshop that never sleeps.

TIM is the product of over 20,000 hours of my psychological research and development.

Total Innovation Management = Innovative leadership, greater staff performance, productivity and profitability.

TIM will help you focus, train and motivate everyone in your organization to be healthier, happier, more creative, innovative and productive in everything they think, say and do.

TIM does this with fast, unlimited 24/7 computer access to clear, easy to understand and apply, action-based Instruction in over 100 state of the art creative thinking, creative problem solving and innovation strategies, skills and tools you need to create an exciting 21st century total innovation organizational culture.

To achieve this, TIM provides training on 6 levels: personal, interpersonal, team, management, trainer and organizational levels.

Your TIM eWorkshop is published in PDF format which can be converted to a text-to-speech version with any free text-to-speech app available online, giving you the learning options of reading and listening to the 10 workshop units.

You own your TIM eWorkshop which includes a 10 year fair trade copyright license to make non-profit in house copies for all your staff's computers.

You will quickly discover your TIM eWorkshop is the most innovative, productive, cost effective, learning effective, personal and organizational development eWorkshop package in the world.                

What corporate executive managers have said about my Total Innovation Management™ eWorkshop package:
“Content is meaningful, appropriate and actionable”
“Practical and easy to follow. Very powerful tools!”

Preview Workshop 2 Contents  or you may place your TIM  Workshop Purchase Order now. Payable on your approval.

copyright Alfred H Gorman