Teacher Innovation Management (TIM) eWorkshop Training Package

Dear Principal and Directors,                                                         

I am very proud to introduce my totally new, exciting and revolutionary computer-based,

Teacher Innovation ManagementTM (TIM) eWorkshop.

  • TIM is a teacher's PC-based eBook workshop that's available to them 24/7. 
  • TIM will maximise your teachers' curriculum innovation and creative problem solving skills. 

TIM is the result of over 20,000 hours of my psychological, educational research and development.  It is my educational legacy, drawn from my 50 years of professional experience in psychology, education and training.             

TIM provides your teachers and administration with a unique personal, interpersonal, team, management, trainer and organisational innovation training resource.

TIM outcomes are as follows:

1.  Your teachers and administration will learn practical proven psychologically based creative thinking, creative problem solving and innovation algorithms, strategies, skills and tools they need to create a more innovative educational system.

2.  Your teachers and administration will gain a greater knowledge and ability to create and teach new and exciting 21st century educational curriculum content and processes.

Your TIM eWorkshop eBook package is published in PDF text format which provides you with a text-to-speech icon option, giving you the learning options of reading and listening to the 10 workshop units anytime anywhere.

Your purchase of the TIM eWorkshop package gives you a unique and revolutionary 20 year fair trade copyright license to make non-profit in-school copies of the eWorkshop eBook for all your teachers' computers over the 20 years of your TIM contract.  

What corporate management executives have said about my TIM™ Workshop:

“Content is meaningful, appropriate and actionable”
“Practical and easy to follow. Very powerful tools!”

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copyright Alfred H Gorman