Alfred H Gorman

Photo taken 2007

Psychologist, Author, Publisher and Chairman

My Legacy Mission: Creating a Better World through Educational Innovation.

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My 50+ years of Professional Achievement includes Claremont Teachers College Lecturer, Management Consultant, Australian Institute of Management Trainer, School Psychologist and Author-Instructor of the following TIM eWorkshops, Educational eBooklets, Workshops and Teachers College Text books and Courses:

Total Innovation ManagementTM Training eWorkshop.  A new personalised computer-based proactive eworkshop designed to support a total organisational approach to creative innovative thinking and creative problem solving skills development.

Teacher Innovation ManagementTM Training eWorkshop.  A new personalised computer-based proactive eworkshop designed to develop and support a whole school community approach to educational innovation.

How to Develop Seven Important Academic and Personal Student Survival Skills eBooklet.  7 Skills include: 1. Creating a Positive Lifestyle; 2. Relaxation Exercises; 3. Stress Management; 4. Study Skills; 5. Career Planning; 6. Essay and Report Writing; 7. Test Taking Skills.   I personally trained over 500 students in these seven skills.  Available online. click:

How to Create MultiMathsTM Educational Math Dice Games eBooklet.  With 10 minutes instruction on how to play MultiMaths,teacher had his whole class playing Multi-Maths games in groups of 3 and achieved 100% enthusiastic participation, learning and achievement by all thirty year 6 students over a 30 minute session.  Available online. click:

Teach Your Child to Read with the Learn to Read Together MethodTM eBooklet.  I personally trained over 100 students, teachers and parents with this method.  Available online. click:

Workshop Leader's Manual: for the Learn to Read Together MethodTM eBooklet.  I personally trained over 100 parents and teachers with this workshop.  Available online. click:

Family CPR Guide ePoster.  over 1000 people have been instructed using this Guide.  Available online. click:

Four Staff Development Workshops: 1. Leadership; 2. Team Building; 3. Creative Innovative Thinking; 4. Stress Management.               I personally trained over 500 staff in these workshops.

Author and Lecturer of Three Teachers College Core Educational Psychology Courses and Textbooks:   1. Instructional Models;     2. Behavioral Education;  3. Teaching and Learning.  I personally trained over 3,000 student teachers in these 3 courses at Claremont Teachers College.

Present 2024 Project: writing a new eWorkshop:                                                                                                                                                21st Century Stress Management Survival Skills and Strategies

It is with great love, respect and gratitude, that I dedicate  to my greatest mentors, my mother Janet RN and my father  
Dr Alfred H Gorman              College Professor, Organisational Consultant, Chairman of AHG inc.,  Doctorate, Columbia University
Honorary Chairman    

Also with great love, respect and gratitude, I wish to introduce my son and mentor                                                                                                                      Alfred H Gorman III               Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Bachelor Computer and Mathematical Science, University of Western Australia.  Managing Director        

Also with great love, respect and gratitude, I wish to introduce my daughter and mentor                                                                                                  Jessica M Gorman                  Psychologist, Bachelor Psychology, Edith Cowan University.