Alfred H Gorman


Educational Psychologist, Innovation Management Consultant, Author, Publisher, Chairman

My Mission: Creating a Better World through Educational Innovation.

Masters Degree Psychology, University of California

Member of the Australian Psychological Society

Graduate Diploma Education, Claremont Teachers College

Yoga Teacher Certificate, International Yoga Teachers Association                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

My 50 years’ of Professional Achievement includes Claremont Teachers College Educational Psychology Lecturer, Innovation Management Consultant, School Psychologist, Education Officer, Australian Institute of Management Trainer and Author of the following workshops, eBooks and courses:

  • Total Innovation Management Workshop eBook.  A new computer-based proactive workshop designed to develop and support an Organizational Approach to Creative Thinking, Problem Solving and Innovation skills development.
  • Teacher Innovation Management Workshop eBook.  A new computer-based proactive workshop designed to develop and support a Whole School Community Approach to Educational Innovation skills development.
  • How to Develop Seven Important Academic and Personal Student Survival Skills eBook.  7 Skills include: 1. Creating a Positive Lifestyle; 2. Relaxation Exercises; 3. Stress Management; 4. Study Skills; 5. Career Planning;  6. Essay and Report Writing;         7. Test Taking Skills.   Trained over 500 students in these seven skills.
  • How to Create MultiMaths Educational Math Dice Games eBook.   Successfully trialled MultiMaths games in actual whole class teaching sessions of thirty year 6 students playing the games in groups of 3.  Teacher achieved 100% enthusiastic participation, learning and achievement by all thirty students.
  • A Failsafe Way to Teach Your Child to Read with the Learn to Read Together Method eBook.  Trained over 100 students, teachers and parents with this method.
  • Workshop Leader's Manual: for the Learn to Read Together Method eBook.  Trained over 100 parents and teachers with this workshop.
  • Family CPR Guide Poster eBook.  Trained over 1000 people with this Guide.
  • 4 Staff Development Workshops: Leadership; Team Building; Creative Innovative Brainstorming; Stress Management.  Trained over 500 staff in these workshops.
  • 3 College Core Educational Psychology Courses and Textbooks:  Instructional Models; Behavioral Education; Teaching and Learning.  Trained over 5000 student teachers at Claremont Teachers College in these 3 courses.

It is with great love, respect and gratitude, that I dedicate  to my father and mentor  
Dr Alfred H Gorman              Professor, Author, Organizational Development Consultant, Chairman of AHG inc.,  Doctorate, Columbia University
Honorary Chairman    

Also with great love, respect and gratitude, I wish to introduce my son and mentor                                                                                                                                    Alfred H Gorman III               Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Bachelor Computer and Mathematical Science, University of Western Australia.  IT Director                       

Also with great love, respect and gratitude, I wish to introduce my daughter and mentor                                                                                                            Jessica M Gorman                  Psychologist, Bachelor Psychology, Edith Cowan University.                                                                                                                  Managing Director