Workshop 2 Contents

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Your 138 page Total Innovation Management™ Workshop eBook package contains the following 10 units:

  1. TIM Focus
  2. TIM Goals, Strategies, Skills and Benefits
  3. TIM Organizational Needs Analysis
  4. TIM Manager Resources
  5. TIM Team Building
  6. TIM Team Needs Analysis
  7. TIM Mind Management
  8. TIM Problem Solving
  9. TIM Team Brainstorming
  10. TIM Trainer Resources.

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Workshop Aims 

You Will Learn Creative Innovative Mind Management Strategies, Tools and Skills on four levels:

Organizational      Management     Team     Personal

Workshop Outcomes  

You Will Achieve The Creation of a Greater Quantity and Quality of New Ideas, Solutions and Innovations by All Members of Your Organization All the Time.

Workshop Introduction

Dear Readers,

It is important to look at the Total Innovation Management Workshop as the beginning of a lifetime of learning and self-discovery to be explored, enjoyed and absorbed at your own pace and in your own way. Your Creative Mind is Yours and Yours alone. Enjoy it and share it only with like-minded people, when you are ready.

You will find there are many levels of learning, insight, understanding and application in the workshop readings and activities. All this will take time, an open mind and positive patience by all those involved in the journey.

TIM leaders, teams and individuals will have to decide how best for everyone to proceed with the TIM units. The units are in a suggested learning order, but not set in concrete. There is an ocean of TIM learning experiences to explore some as a team and some personally.

It is most important to remember the need to allow for appropriate times and places for individual and team learning of TIM units.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that the TIM workshop unit activities are presented at a time and pace that everyone is comfortable with.

This planning stage must not be rushed because it will take thought and preparation by all those involved in the workshop.

Your TIM leaders need to remember that developing a Total Innovation Culture will not happen overnight. It is an ongoing process for everyone to understand, value, and learn how to apply the Total Innovation Management Workshop strategies, tools and skills. The more study, application and practice, the greater the achievement of results will be.

Let Your Mind and Your Heart be Your Inspiration.

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